Home made Pizzas without ovens

The great thing about a pizza is that it is such a versatile food – its a flat piece of bread and you can add on as many things you want on the bread, pick your favorite ingredients, make your sauce like you like it. You can just play around with it , so every time I try to make it, I like to put in something new. Of course this does not keep it as authentic as the Italians would want it to be but nonetheless I enjoy experimenting. After all who says there gotta be rules you gotta follow while making a pizza πŸ™‚

I decided to make pizzas for dinner . However I thought of giving my oven some rest. So instead of baking them in the oven used my flat pan (the same one I used to make myΒ  flat “dosas”). I did not make my own pizza dough but decided to use whole wheat wraps that I bought from the super market. (How I wish I could make the perfect home made Pizza dough and roll it . Some day I will be able to do it.) I really like the pizza base to be really thin – Yes I am a big fan of the traditional Italian pizzas and I am on that side of pizza lovers who like the thin crust pizzas freshly baked out of the oven. So anyway these whole wheat wraps were fun and simple to use.

Also moving away from the Parmesan or mozzarella variety of cheeses, I decided to crumble some reduced fat feta cheese instead. I love some fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese that is just torn apart and put on my pizza, but today felt like using the feta instead :). The sauce was a tomato based one (quite similar to the one I had made with my penne pasta a while back). However like I said I decided to give my oven some rest, so instead of roasting the tomatoes, garlic and onions, I used a deep non stick pan and did saute them until they were cooked. Then blended the mixture to prepare the sauce.

So in case you don’t have an oven to bake your pizza and roast your veggies for the sauce, using the gas stove is a good alternative. I just had to be careful to control the heat since when the thin wholewheat base is cooking, the bottom part starts to brown faster and you cannot flip it like a pancake since your toppings are on the other side cooking.

For the toppings: I threw in some mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, corn and mixed veggies. Hence made it vegetarian. But yeah some grilled pieces of chicken would have been great. Of course the meat lovers can try their favorite meats (chicken, ham, prosciutto etc ) and like I said the great thing about pizzas is you get to play around with so many ingredients and toppings. Once I used baby spinach, zucchini, onions and buffalo mozzarella and it was incredible. Also I did saute the toppings in some olive oil and dried Italian herbs so that they were not completely uncooked when I put them over the pizza base on the flat pan. Then cooked the toppings on the base for a about 5-7 min with a lid covering the flat pan , sprinkled some feta and served it!!


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