Fast Food @ Home

Everyone loves fast food. Okay I know the world is moving to become more health conscious these days and the fast food giants have caused a lot of havoc in everybody’s lives. However I do not intend to go into the controversies or health hazards of these foods. Also I am not a big fan of them. But my husband does enjoy chicken burgers and fries. So on one of those days when the craving arose ; the feeling to bite into a burger and munch on some fries, here is what we did at home:

Chicken breasts – marinated them in some salt, freshly ground pepper, olive oil and garlic for about 10 min and then grilled them on high heat on the girdle pan.

Home made French Fries – Not really french fries but  cut some sweet potatoes, normal potatoes in the shape of fries. Tossed them with salt, freshly ground pepper, dried Italian herbs and olive oil and baked them in the oven for about 15-20 min. In addition also blanched some carrots in salted water. Once the potatoes were done, tossed in the blanched carrots with them.

Home made Mayo: Well not mayo in the usual sense. Took some thick yogurt and mixed in some paprika and grated cucumber

Buns: Used slices of whole grain bread and chopped some fresh lettuce .

Putting it together: Put in the grilled chicken breast  and chopped lettuce on one slice and smeared in the yogurt spread. Enjoyed it with the sweet potato and carrots.

I was happy the way our very own “fast food chicken burgers and fries” turned out.  Baking potatoes in combination with sweet potatoes, using olive instead of other fatty oils , yogurt spread instead of mayo and grilling chicken instead of deep frying it,  is a wonderful way of cutting down on a lot of  the “wrong” stuff  🙂  In addition, the flavor of salt, pepper and dried Italian herbs was wonderful. Besides it was simple to make and use the freshest of ingredients.


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