The Epic Marble Cake

Alright this recipe should have perhaps been posted long back. I know I call it the “Epic Marble Cake” coz just that it has way too many stories and memories associated with it. It was the first cake that was baked in my house when my Mum bought a new electric oven. (This is ages back when I was a little kid). It was perhaps the most baked cake in our house – for events, parties, lunches or just for the “reason of baking a cake at home”. I loved this cake that mum baked. I remember getting my hands dirty with the cake batter while helping mum and then licking it all off my hands.

In addition this cake was perhaps the most eaten by my closest school friends. There is a little story to this one as well. So me and my girl friends used to have these lunch treats in school once every 3 months which was like a pot lunch. Each of us got a particular dish to lunch for our girlie gang. And I was always asked to bring dessert and always bring only Marble Cake.

My friends loved it and always asked me for this recipe. I know it is a simple cake and you will find similar recipes all over the internet for it. However I have known this recipe for perhaps more than 20 years and it is just so wonderful to make it over and over again. So really need to share it on my blog. This one is especially for my lovely mom (without whom none of these beautiful memories would have been possible) and my lovely girl friends – insi, nidhs, rash, ish and sam. I know you all are reading it somewhere.


250 grams all purpose flour

200 grams sugar finely ground

200 grams unsalted butter

4 free range eggs

2 spoons of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of baking powder

1 spoon of vanilla extract

1 spoon of lemon juice

1 cup chopped walnuts

First mix the butter and sugar and cream it. Then break in one egg at a time and whip the eggs, sugar and butter until it is consistent. Then put in all the flour slowly along with the baking powder and vanilla extractΒ  and again whip to produce a homogeneous mixture.Β  Once done divide the batter into 2 parts. In one part put in the cocoa powder and chopped walnuts to make the chocolate batter and the second part add in the lemon juice. Whip the two batters to make it light and fluffy. Then take a baking tray and put in one spoon of vanilla batter and spread it evenly. Then pour in one spoon of the chocolate batter. Keep pouring in one spoon after another until all the batter is over. Bake at 180 degree centigrade inΒ  a pre-heated oven until the tooth pick comes out clean.

The chocolate batter:

The vanilla batter:

All set in the cake tin to be baked:

And the beautiful warm cake out of the oven:

This is a great cake that can be served with tea. What you can also do is make a chocolate sauce and spread it all over cut cake slices and refrigerate it for a while. This cold version goes well as a dessert after a meal.


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