Burgers @ Bergs Singapore!!

Ever wanted a perfect burger? I know it is difficult to define the perfect burger and it will vary based on everyone’s palette and preferences. Burgers at a popular gourmet burger joint – “BERGS” in Singapore are quite good though.

I believe this place was started when 2 Aussies looked around for the perfect burgers in Singapore and else where. They were not satisfied with what they got so finally after a lot of tasting and experimenting they opened up “Bergs” in Far East Square in Singapore.

The burgers are a fusion of Eastern and Western tastes  and are made from scratch using fresh ingredients in their very own homemade recipes. Don’t be surprised to hear of sauces like mango chutney, chilli ginger and flavors of coriander  and “garam masala” since like I said they have concocted these marinades and recipes using their experiences in Asia and Aussie Land 🙂

A very Greek Inspired Burger 🙂

I have tried their chicken burgers – Budgie Smuggler – a chicken pattie burger with a hint of chilli and orange honey (Really good). Another chicken burger I like is the “Mumbo Jumbo” that is basically a grilled Chicken Breast with Cajun Spices, Lettuce, Tomato, onions, Aioli & Lemon Yoghurt.

For the vegetarians they have 2 options as well  –  the Krakatoa and the Good Falla. The former is a tofu burger with peanut sauce and coriander for you tofu lovers out there while the  Good Falla  is falafel filled with avocado, lemon yoghurt and aioli.

Did you know? Krakatoa is a volcanic island situated in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. Details here

And then ofcourse for the meat lovers Bergs has beef and lamb burgers  – these I have not tried out. More details on the menu here:


Other than burgers they have a few sides and drinks.


They are not cheap and in the pricing of 10 SGD onwards. That said the burgers are really big and fresh. Besides even the small burger is too big to finish for me. It is ideal for lunch or those days when you are super hungry. That said although they make their own stuff, this is not healthy stuff since they are deep frying your onions rings, patties and fries. So if you are watching your calories, you could keep it for a cheat meal perhaps.  However if eating out and you want to eat a burger, then it is a good option. (We want to avoid the trans fatty fast food joints now :))

Where is it:

The main outlet which has been here since May 2009 is @

BERGS @ Far East Square                              
137 Amoy St,
#01-01 Far East Square, Singapore
P: 6438 6505

And more recently a new one outlet has opened up here. I have not been to this one yet but guess it should be more or less like the Far East Square one:
BERGS @ Haji Lane
10 Haji Lane, Singapore, 189203
P: 6293 4642


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