Have you had your greens today? (Mushrooms and veggies in a Spinach based gravy)

Spinach is such a lovely food – the color, the texture and the feel I love it (Sounds like I am describing some garment :)). But most of all, I love the taste. Of course I like to use spinach in salads, pastas and have even used it on pizza. However this recipe that I tried turned out into a beautiful spinach gravy, was quick to make for dinner and I enjoyed it with some warm bread.

I loved the aromas and the flavors of how this dish turned out. So I will keep the post short and simple. Enjoy reading the ingredient list and method of cooking it. A simple home cooked dish made a wonderful meal for my husband and me that we really relished.

Ingredients :

Baby Spinach (Use how much every quantity you like. But spinach shrinks once it starts cooking. I used 150 grams)

1 medium sized onion

1 medium sized tomato

1 green chili

250 grams button mushrooms sliced

2 green bell peppers diced and cubed

100 grams mixed veggies (I used a mix of frozen carrots, beans, corn and peas )

Salt to taste

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 bay leaf

1 cinnamon stick

2-3 cloves

2 spoon olive oil

Spice mix (I get this is in a store but it is a mix of  fennel seeds, poppy seeds, Fenugreek seeds and onion seeds  and it looks something like below)

spinach and spices (1)

In a non-stick pan heat a spoon of olive oil. Saute the onions, tomatoes, green chili and spinach until the veggies are soft and semi cooked. Add salt as per taste. Cool the mix and then blend it until it forms a thick paste. Heat another spoon of olive oil in a non stick pan. Add in the spice mix, bay leaf , cinnamon stick and cloves until they crackle. Then pour in the blended spinach gravy along with the cut mushrooms, bell peppers and frozen veggies. Cook the mix for about 5-10 minutes until all are soft and cooked. Serve!!

spinach and spices (2)

spinach and spices (4)


7 thoughts on “Have you had your greens today? (Mushrooms and veggies in a Spinach based gravy)

  1. Hi, You have a very unique/interesting/fine blog, which you are hiding! Your blog MUST be shared with the world by tagging your posts with: recipes, food, cooking, baking, even ‘travel’ for the restaurant posts… what ever is appropriate for each post.
    I have been to Singapore twice and really love, love, love the nation.
    I was taken to this huge restaurant open to outdoors (ocean? quite a drive from the city center; name?) at which they served crabs cooked in spicy sauce, which were heavenly! The restaurant had sinks all around the restaurant for guest to continue wash their hands and mouth as they eat with their hands to crack the shells, dip in the sauce (brilliant idea). Oh, my mouth is watering.
    Thank for visiting my blog so I can find you! 😀 Fae.


    1. These are very inspiring words Fae!!. I am glad that you liked so many of my posts. I am truely inspired to blog and post more now. I am new to blogging so perhaps thats why may not have sufficiently tagged my posts (in the process of reviewing my tags 🙂 ). Please do share my posts and ideas with other whom you think may be interested. Thanks again!! And regarding the seafood restaurant in Singapore ..are you talking about the sea food restaurants along East Coast Park? Singapore has lots of such options and those along East Coast Park are terrific!!


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