Wholemeal Spinach Flat Breads (Indian Palak Paratha)

I must share with you all these lovely Spinach “parathas” or flat breads that I made recently. The first time I tried the so-called “roti-prata” served at food joints in Singapore, I was shocked. I am not really sure how these “parathas” found their way into being made here in Singapore but they are perhaps the most deceiving versions of the “Indian Parathas”. I mean they are deep fried in oil with a chewy rubbery taste and have no proper stuffings in them.  Okay before all you people who love these “roti-pratas” made here , come down on me for my comments,  here me out – All I am saying is that perhaps it should have had another name since they will definitely misguide someone who hasn’t had the authentic ones, into believing how they should taste. And from experience, most people I asked in Singapore were unaware of any other way these are made. Sigh!!

Perhaps, I feel so strongly about them is since they have been passed down over generations in our family – My Grandma made the most awesome ones with fresh white butter that she churned out with her own hands using the milk from the cows they had. Then she passed it down to my Mum who made them as awesome with fresh white homemade butter using store-bought milk. And I have concocted the same ingredients using Olive oil. Olive Oil would perhaps put Grandma to shame but forgive me Grandma as you read this – The times in which your grand-daughter lives are cruel where looking for healthier options has become a bare necessity and we do not have the luxuries or the time to make our own butter . (No cows in our house as well now to churn out milk and butter 😦 )

spinach (6)

Anyway so here goes my attempt at making the family “parathas” – My husband felt something was missing as compared to my Mum’s (I think it’s the butter 🙂 ) but nonetheless we enjoyed them a lot.


500 grams Spinach blanched and blended

1 small onion finely chopped

1 green chilli finely chopped

1/2 teaspoon freshly grated ginger

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ajwain or carrom seeds

whole-wheat Flour


Olive Oil (or butter as you may want)

Mix all the dry ingredients. Then add in the blended spinach in the flour mixture. Slowly start kneading the dough and add more flour or water as required. The dough will look something like below.

spinach (1)


spinach (2)


Then make small balls of the dough. Using a rolling-pin , roll the ball of dough like this. The dough will be sticky, so keep putting some dry flour to help roll. It is quite simple as pizza dough and then rolling it.

spinach (3)

Then put it over a heated flat pan. Let it bake on both sides. When semi-cooked add a teaspoon of olive oil on one side and tilt it over and cook until they start browning. I think they taste best with Yogurt.

spinach (4)


spinach (5)


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