Baked Non-cheesy (yet cheesy) Casserole

I have been reading about baked dishes and casseroles everywhere online . The basic idea behind all of them I have discovered is that they contain meat or are meatless, with pasta or rice, with heavy cream and cheese and with vegetables, some olive oil and herbs to make up the sauce. This makes them heavy in carbs and fat. I know one might argue that the point of a casserole is something which is hearty with good quality ingredients right? And I am not on some kind of a strict protein only diet or eliminating carbs from my regimen thing.

After all the breads, pastas, biscuits, brioche, cupcakes, muffins, bagels, cookies are what I crave for. I must confess I have a big weakness for everything bready – How many substitutions I try from buckwheat to whole wheat to flax seeds to honey to nuts and seeds to quinoa to try to avoid white bready, all-purpose flour baked goods. I will try to bake stuff on weekends hoping it will last the week . I need these goodies especially during the occasional craving to bite into something at 4 pm sipping on a cup of tea or fresh lemonade – Sounds like I am some addict craving for my addiction . πŸ™‚ And I cannot tell you the number of times I forget to pack something I baked to bring with me to eat at 4 pm or sometimes the weekend goes away and I haven’t baked anything or my experiment goes horribly wrong.

So anyway I made a big baked casserole last weekend and it lasted me 4 days. I am super excited with the way it turned out because:

– I used sweet potatoes instead of pasta or rice

– I did not use any heavy cream but mixed about 150 grams of non-fat cottage cheese to bring about the desired creamy texture

– The top of the dish I did not cover with bread crumbs or grated cheese but grated sweet potatoes to give it a flaky, crumbly, baked texture

– Lots of flavor with fresh rosemary, olive oil, freshly ground pepper, red chili flakes and garlic (Why of course lots of garlic)

– I discovered I did not crave muffins and cookies at 4 pm. I wish to think it was the effect of the sweet potatoes. I hope it is πŸ™‚

So enjoy it with simple baked chicken or quinoa for a full wholesome meal.


2 sweet potatoes boiled (App. 600 grams)

A bunch of asparagus blanched

400 grams spinach blanched and shredded

1 whole bulb of garlic

1 onion chopped

Fresh Rosemary herb

App. 150 grams low-fat cottage cheese

Freshly ground black pepper

Red chili flakes

Smoked paprika

Olive oil

Mix in the sweet potatoes, asparagus, spinach, garlic, chili flakes, cottage cheese. Then in a baking dish, sprinkle some olive oil and layer shredded flakes of sweet potato, few cloves of garlic and rosemary and paprika and crushed black pepper. Β Then add in the mashed mixture from above. Add in another layer of potato flaks, rosemary and garlic and then pour over the entires mashed mixture. Bake in an oven until the crust of potatoes on top turns golden brown.





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