Good Morning with Simple Fruit Smoothies

The next post is not some new discovery I have made or a new recipe I have concotted but I felt I must share my breakfast ideas , however simple they may be, with everyone. There are days when I am lying in bed in the morning, not thinking of what I have planned for the day, but trying to think of breakfast options and ideas. Don’t think it is the glutton in me dreaming of food. Rather what I am thinking is whether I have run out of milk and forgotten to replenish the kitchen with bread, eggs, fruit or oatmeal. Then the feeling of being so groggy with sleep that I am in no condition of walking to the nearby super market to pick up some breakfast food since there is  no milk or bread or fruit. I am not at my creative side one bit.  Let’s face it , for most of us the morning time could be a rush hour where we end up rushing out of home and picking up a coffee  + bagel or sandwich or croissant or whatever breakfast item the deli around your workplace might be serving. And if you are super late , you skip breakfast – which I believe can do you a lot of harm .

So now you see after all these thoughts, I keep thinking of what I need to have for breakfast. Having been inspired by many blogs and recipes from all the wonderful chefs and self-taught people like me out there, I do think making smoothies is one of the most efficient and healthy  breakfast ideas. I follow the simple rule of blending in fruit + sweetener + yogurt. So fruits I like to use: apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or any kind of berries I can get my hands on. I also freeze berries in bags (just like one of my favorite chefs Jamie Oliver  🙂 ) and these frozen berries I must admit are very handy. Most of the time the fruit sugars are good enough for my blend but in case the berries do turn out too tarty, then I drizzle in some honey and sometimes add in flax and nuts to give me the “good fats” and make it more nutrient rich.


I also make a simple fruit parfait cutting any kind of fruit I have and mixing it with plain yogurt and rolled oats.



Also for all you lovely people out there, who haven’t read this, here is a link on Greatist (one of the many favorite sites I totally, completely 100% enjoy reading) with some cool breakfast ideas – There should be at least one of them that you have to love 🙂

And another link here I enjoyed reading.

So have a splendid morning and hope everyone is enjoying their breakfast and feeling invigorated. Have a great day everyone!


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