How Soba made its way into Lunch – With Greens in a creamy (healthy) white sauce

Craving for some pasta on a hot summer afternoon, I have the most lovely greenssweet peas, tender asparagus and broccoli florets – steamed and ready to be tossed in the pasta and thrown in a creamy white sauce that I am planning to whip up with low-fat cottage cheese, garlic and onions. The glutton in me is gleaming with  joy thinking of slurping up the sauce from my plate. But alas this thought is short lived – Not having taken stock of the fact that there is no pasta in the house, reminds me of my friend Murphy and his universal laws . In particular,  “If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.”  Like duh! Of course, I have overlooked the pasta and have run out of this carb to use for lunch today 😦

Scrambling through the boxes, I stumble upon an unopened pack of “Cha Soba Noodles” .  The immediate impulse – I like my Soba with Asian foods. You know with nutty sesame oil, chicken stir fry or tofu cubes marinated with ginger, lime, soy, coriander, chili and sugar – the typical intense sweet and spicy flavors we derive out of these lovely ingredients used extensively in Asian dishes everywhere.  Then a thought provokes me – “Use it with your greens and sauce you just made.” And that is how Soba made its way into this dish.

Am I disappointed? No way. First, 3 minutes in boiling hot water and the Soba is cooked and waiting to be thrown into the veggies. Second, I noticed that these noodles were soaking up the sauce literally catching on to the flavors. Call me crazy, but I feel there are tiny pores on the noodles that are soaking in the sauce. Third, I have said this before and I say it again – Soba feels so light on the stomach compared to other starchy pastas. Perhaps owing to gluten-free buckwheat in it 🙂

The cooking time was quick and this is a simple recipe. The white sauce even simpler and healthy.


Ingredients :

Cha Soba Noodles (Or plain Soba)





Garlic cloves (use as many you want)

Green Chili

Dried Italian Herbs

Freshly ground black pepper

Salt to taste

Red Chili Flakes

Low fat cottage cheese

Olive Oil

In a non stick pan heat in some olive oil. Saute the crushed garlic cloves, chopped onions, green chili and dried Italian herbs. Then add in a few scoops of low-fat cottage cheese (app 50 grams for 2 portions as seen below). Season with some salt and black pepper. Keep stirring and you have a thick sauce ready. Simultaneously steam the peas, asparagus and broccoli. Once they are done mix in the sauce so that they are evenly coated. Also cook the Soba Noodles in boiling water. Once cooked, mix in with  the veggies and sauce and serve right away. Sprinkle some  chilli flakes if you want a little more spice.

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