Where good food makes people happy : @ Chef Icon, Singapore

“Where good food makes people happy” – This is what Chef Icon” Cafe and Bakery, in Singapore boasts about. I discovered the little cafe, set amidst the charming shop houses in Kampung Bahru Road, one evening while I was walking along the road. Not really hungry at that instance, I took a quick peak inside and the cafe caught my attention enough to be back again. So I was back on a Saturday morning and I surely liked what I saw and ate.

cafe icon1

Chef Icon  calls itself a “nature bakery” where they bake everything using natural ingredients. I love the fact that they grow their own herbs like basil and use it in the foods they serve their customers. Everything is fresh and unprocessed. They use only olive oil and sunflower oil as opposed to butter or margarine that is used extensively in commercial baking. They do not use animal gelatin, animal rennet or meat. There is no MSG, preservatives or chemical bread improvers 🙂

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Further the biggest surprise was when I read the menu and realized they do not serve any meat. At first when I read “Ham and Cheese Sandwich” on the menu, I thought that it was the usual ham and cheese. However when I looked closely again and then as explained by the owner it was the vegan Ham that they serve. Now I know that most of us are not big fans of mock meats. I mean I really don’t like mock meat – No offense to those who enjoy eating it. However Chef Icon completely impressed me with the mock ham in their sandwiches. It is was delish and like no other that I have eaten elsewhere. I like the fact that they use fresh carrot juice and cranberry juice to give the distinct color to the mock ham in their sandwiches.

The bakery serves cakes, sandwiches, cookies, breads and coffees. We really enjoyed the mushroom sandwich and the Italian pesto sandwich. Yummy pesto , yummy bread with the toasted sesame seeds and fresh flavorful food. All sandwiches are priced in the range from S$ 6.8 – S$ 8.8 . They have a range of organic teas, coffees and drinks – hot and cold. No surprises the cold chocolate drink we had  was rich and  flavorful with authentic cocoa. Most drinks were priced in the range between 3 – 6 bucks.

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I think what really impressed me is the passion that owner and Chef Francis puts into his venture. He really cares about the food he makes as well as cares for the people whom he is feeding. His talk resonates his passion, his humility and his love for this bakery and the food that he serves.

So here is a shout out to Chef Francis thanking him for this lovely cafe. The good food definitely made us happy 🙂 . You rock and we salute you!

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5 Kampong Bahru Road

Singapore – 169341

Opening Hours: 8 am – 8 pm (Mon – Sat). Closed on Sun and PH


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