Pasta with Grilled Brussel Sprouts and Bell Peppers

This is the second of three posts that I will share with you guys on “quick and easy”  pasta recipes for weeknight dinners that I recently made. The first one is here in case you missed it. I wanted to stay away from the usual tried and tested tomato-basil or creamy-mush-roomy sauces that I usually stick to. And really the idea behind all these 3 recipes is pretty simple – pick up a few veggies on hand, figure out how to cook them (roast or grill or saute or whatever you feel like) and ensure there is enough liquid so that the pasta is able to absorb in all the lovely flavors and spices. Another thing you may notice is that I have been using Soba or Udon noodles but really you can use what you like. I just love the texture, flavor, ease of cooking Soba and how light it feels on my stomach, so really love using them in my meals.

Here I grilled the Brussels sprouts and bell peppers and then tossed them into the garlicky sauce. I think I tossed them a bit too longer in the garlicky mix and should have done so only for a few minutes I guess. However I have heard that the best way (read most healthy and nutrition preserving) of consuming Brussels sprouts is to cut them in quarters and steam them for about 6 minutes. They should not turn into a squishy squashy mess. What is the best way you follow to cook Brussels Sprouts? .

brussels sprouts2


Brussels Sprouts cut in quarters

Bell peppers – whatever Colours you like

1 medium-sized onion chopped

Few cloves of garlic smashed – Use as much garlic as you like

1 green chilli

1 organic vegetable stock cube (Or use your own home-made veg stock. But I did not have any on hand)

Salt to taste

Freshly crushed black pepper

Pasta of your choice (I used Udon Noodles)

Cheese to sprinkle on top of your choice (I used Pecorino Romano)

First grill the brussels sprouts and bell peppers on a girdle pan. I wanted the charred effect on them so grilled them. However if you like to steam them, do try that as well. Separately boil water and add the organic veg. stock cube to it. The pasta will be cooked in this water.  Then sauté the onions, chills and garlic in olive oil. Further start adding the pasta veg stock water in the saute mix and cooking a thick sauce. Add in the brussels sprouts and bell peppers and cook about 2-3 min. Toss the cooked pasta in this vegetable saucy mix. Add salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with cheese of your choice. Serve immediately.

brussels sprouts3

And here are some interesting reads around the web . Perhaps use them as other options for quick and healthy meals ? Enjoy 🙂

1) From the sprouted kitchen – A recipe using some of my favourites : Kale, brussels sprouts, Kale. Click here

2) While I have never tried a Walnut miso paste, this recipe using that and brussels sprouts looks interesting here

3) Love the lemon garlicky flavor with brussels sprouts in this recipe

4) Love the lovely combination of brussels sprouts, butter beans, sun-dried tomatoes here. Super Yum!

5) Some information on Brussels Sprouts and the family of cruciferous vegetables here (Yeah I know we all wiki 🙂 )

brussels sprouts1


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