The Simple Ingredients – Ginger ( The Oh So Ginger Cookies)

These cookies I made a while back when I had the sudden urge to have ginger cookies one Sunday afternoon. Actually thinking of a local bakery ,I grew up around that sold some really zesty and gingery (as if gingery is even a word) cookies that were perhaps the inspiration for these.  When you bit into those cookies, they hit you in the nose (with the intense ginger flavor) but that was in a good way and I loved it. So this was one of those times  when you really crave for something sweet yet not only sweet but some other flavor as well. Ginger cookies was the answer.

How do I go about making these? Google is my answer. However Google has too many answers and I am unable to quickly figure out which one to pick. So narrowing down on my choices, I decided to search some of the amazing blogs I read often filled with links and information I am not sure how I will end up finding if it wasn’t for them.

On of these blogs is C&Z Chocolate & Zucchini– from the so very talented Clotilde Dusolier that I am sure many of you are aware of. I completely enjoy her style of writing, her way of getting into ingredients and their tastes and flavors and all her wonderful recipes (especially baking).  I actually found a pretty old recipe called “Very Ginger Cookies” on her blog – Seems like the super powers had heard me. Reading the title was one of those moments you go “That’s just I want” and then stop and look no further.

Also since we are talking about C&Z, let me sidetrack and tell those of you who are unaware (I doubt that this will be news for you) – C&Z is celebrating the blog’s 10th anniversary and hence hosting  10 fabulous giveaways throughout the month of October. To name a few theres a giveaway for “Fresh Cinnamon Sticks and Wooden Grater from Cinnamon Hill”, A bundle of Clotilde Dusolier’s 3 books“, a “ French Cooking Class at La Cuisine Paris” , etc. And you can be anywhere in the world to participate – Just leave in a reply to each question on the giveaway post. Now that’s what I call a true giveaway 🙂 (I am secretly wishing I win at least one of them, in particular the 3 books). Winners have been announced for 4 out of the 10 giveaways , so head over now to participate in what is remaining.

Now getting back to the ginger cookies – Click here for the recipe that I am talking about and drew inspiration from. There are certain modifications from this recipe and I will tell you why I chose to do so.

ginger cookie1

1) No candied ginger for my cookies since I did not have any at home. Actually I am not sure where to buy it from in Singapore. I have not seen  it in the local grocery stores. Perhaps the food section in Marks and Spencer (since I think it is a pretty British Food :)) ? I have seen recipes of making your own candied ginger or lemon but have never tried those yet. So anyone who is aware of purchasing good quality candied ginger in Singapore, then please do educate me.

2) I used organic dry ginger powder along with the fresh ginger grated and it added enough “gingery” flavor to the cookies.

3) Sugar – Cut it drastically and no extra molasses either.  I do not like them so sweet. Perhaps the next time I will try with honey or perhaps molasses only?

4) Rolled oats powder instead of Rolled spelt

5) Added in ground flax seeds that I do sprinkle over cereal and baked stuff

6) Vanilla extract was added since anything that has an egg in it, I really am scared that the end result will have a very eggy smell (Although this recipe called for only 1 egg :))

So finally here is how the ingredient list looked like. I know you might think that I changed it a lot, but since C&Z helped me during the ginger craving, I must write all about it 🙂

ginger cookie3


200 grams all-purpose or wholemeal flour

100 grams oat flour (I just grind rolled oats)

125 grams brown sugar

125 grams unsalted butter

A large fat piece of ginger finely grated about the size of your thumb

3 heaped teaspoons of dry ginger powder

1 free range egg

1 spoon vanilla extract

1 heaped spoon of ground flax seeds

I teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon of salt

Cream in the butter and sugar. Then add in the egg and whisk all together. Mix in all the dry ingredients and transfer it slowly in the butter-sugar-egg mix. Add in the grated ginger and vanilla extract and whisk for a few minutes to form a homogenous mixture. On a baking tray scoop in little portions of the dough and leave about 5cm space between them to prevent them from sticking once they start baking. Bake these in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree centigrade for about 20 min. These cookies will spread out and brown. Cool them and then store in air tight containers.

ginger cookie2


ginger cookie4


Some other links to enjoy over the web talking about ginger cookies – I know there are tons of them out there with various holiday spice mixes in particular cinnamon but these caught my eye while “googling” 😉

1) Serious eats has a cherry ginger version. Read here

2) Going grain free and yet want a ginger version of cookies then these look interesting to try out

3) Another soft ginger cookies version here

4) Seriously what a crack in the pic of these supersized ginger cookies here – I really feel like reaching into the screen to grab one of these


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