The Simple Ingredients – Ginger (Pumpkin Ginger Soup)

When did my love for soups begin? Was it while gulping down the fresh tomato soups made at home while  growing up ? Those were the days of making soups in my house without roasting and blending. Our family (read Mother) was no Soup Maker and it was definitely learning new things for Mum as well. I do remember while making a soup (read tomato soup) for dinner, an entire evening would be spent on boiling tomatoes with onions and little garlic cloves. The next process was mashing the boiled vegetable mess in a big, round steel strainer with a flat wooden spatula – All with the intention of juicing out even the tiniest droplet of vegetable juice that could be squeezed. Next up was heaping in a teaspoon of corn starch (or corn flour) in the liquid just squeezed out. Season with salt and pepper and bring to a boil until the corn starch dissolved and thickened the soup. I think I gulped down 2 bowls of this soup for a meal along with spreading butter on fresh soup sticks from a nearby bakery and dipping them in the soup. S-L-U-R-PPP

So these soup memories remind me of the only “safe” soup to prepare and drink that I perhaps knew back in the day. Yes there was an occasional corn chowder kind of version that we came to drink much later on in the family that I will perhaps share in a different post someday. But for now the distinct memory of soup and love for soup begins here – With the version I just spoke about.

Now after so many years, with so many resources available online and in print and so many experiences with multi-cultural races and regions from everywhere , I feel I have grown to try quite a few soups. These have all been different in taste (of course), in texture , in method of preparation and in ingredients. However today I decided to stick to a very simple soup drawing inspiration from the  method of preparation of the “original tomato soup”  of our family, if I may call it so. Instead of boiling , I roasted cubes of pumpkin with two heaped spoons of freshly grated ginger and olive oil in an oven. There was no need of mashing the vegetables with a spatula as I safely did puree the roasted vegetables in a blender.

I did not use any onions or garlic or any other spices or herbs in this soup – The idea was to get the pungent ginger and sweet pumpkin to give a warm kick in your throat. Hence the ginger was definitely a key ingredient since the mix of pungency and sweetness could only be derived because of it.  Is the soup warm and comforting and nourishing. Check YES for all. Not to forget it has the S-LU-R-PPP factor 🙂

pumpkin ginger soup (2)


200 grams pumpkin cut in cubes

2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger

Olive Oil

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Season with : Crumbled feta and roasted cashew nuts (Optional or use whatever nuts you prefer)

Roast the pumpkin with ginger and olive oil in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree centigrade until the pumpkin pieces are all soft and roasted. Wait for them to cool before you puree the pumpkin pieces to avoid any mishaps of blending such a hot mix 🙂 Season with salt and pepper . Add in water to adjust for consistency and bring to a boil in a deep pan. Garnish with crumbled feta and roasted cashew nuts . Serve!

pumpkin ginger soup (1)

And while we are talking pumpkins , here are some pumpkin and soup related links I find online. Besides isn’t it Halloween Month and all things Pumpkin 🙂

1) Here’s 5 healthy and comfort soups for Fall. I must the bookmark the Curried chickpeas + Kale and Spicy tomato ones for sure.

2) Read here a roasted pumpkin soup with shiitake mushrooms in it as well.

3) Serious Eats has a list of 16 Easy Fall Soups amongst which they have a Pumpkin and Leak Soup version

4) There is a roasted butternut squash soup to read. Click on this link

5) A pumpkin and chickpeas soup over at this link


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