Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast with Buckwheat Porridge

We all know that breakfast is essential to kick start your day. We all know that a good wholesome breakfast will keep your blood sugar  levels in check .  We also know that a nutritious breakfast boosts your energy levels and improves your brain to function well – be it in school, office , sports or wherever you are heading for the day.

However this is not the reason why I want to tell you about this post (Although it does check mark “ALL OF THE ABOVE” boxes ). The reason I want you to read about this breakfast is that I have discovered a new alternative to the mundane yet easy to prepare bowl of oatmeal or egg on toast that I seem to be eating forever now. For breakfast I do not like the sweet muffins and rolls. I also do not like too heavy cheeses and bakes in the morning. So I have been sticking to simple oats, fruit and eggs all this time.

Further my breakfast during the morning rush hour has got to be simple to prepare, healthy and delicious.  Hence this buckwheat porridge besides being quick and easy to prepare , is packed with all the goodness your body requires (and deserves). And of course it is delicious with  the right mix of savory and sweetness and the right kind of texture  you need in a warm bowl of porridge. So all this gets me excited 🙂

buckwheat porridge1

This recipe is inspired from the breakfast Kasha post I found on Wholefoods  – Just that I was never too satisfied with the liquid ratio but again they are using Kasha which is not the raw version. You can play around with the proportions depending on the consistency and thickness that you want.


Raw Buckwheat groats (Quantity as much as you require)*

Water : Milk  –> 3/4 : 1/4  quantity ratio

1 spoon  raw cacao powder

Berries of your choice

Scoop of Chia seeds or ground flax seeds

Optional – Grated apple or honey or any other natural sweetener you prefer

Method Of Preparation:

Soak the buckwheat groats overnight **

raw buckwheat groats

In a pan heat the water and milk mixture until it boils. Add in the raw cacao powder and stir .  Simultaneously wash the soaked buckwheat groats thoroughly – Soaking them helps in better digestion just like we do so for nuts and seeds. Add in the washed buckwheat groats and cook on low heat for 12-14 min – The groats will start soaking in the liquid , though will not turn mushy. Let it cool for a bit so that the liquid is soaked in more.

I normally peel and grate an apple to sweeten it. I have tried a spoon of honey as well . So I am sure any other natural sweetener like bananas or maple syrup should be good.

I like this porridge with blueberries and strawberries and a scoop of chia seeds for added nutrition. But you can add any other fruit you like in your cereal 🙂

buckwheat porridge2

*I found raw Buckwheat groats at the grocery section of Real Foods Cafe as well as at Nature’s Glory Singapore

** Buckwheat is not wheat but a fruit part of the Rhubarb family. It is gluten-free and has a nutty flavor. It is high in magnesium that helps regulate your blood sugar levels.  It helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure and has lots of other health benefits.

So what is the end result?

The tartness of the berries, the sweetness of the grated apple, the bitterness of the cacao and the nuttiness of the groats all mushed together explodes in your mouth that I find truly satisfying.  This is a good way to pack all those morning nutrients in one bowl and create something interesting to feed yourself for breakfast.   This is vegetarian and gluten-free and you can make it vegan by adding in the vegan milk of your choice. Do give it a try especially when you think breakfast is boring and feel like skipping it for the day 🙂

buckwheat porridge3


5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast with Buckwheat Porridge

    1. I agree buckwheat is neglected when it can be churned into making lots of interesting foods…I have started including it regularly in my diet now ..and how wonderful to have it in your garden..have not been able to afford that luxury living in tiny city apartments here


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