Oh Deli @ East Coast Road Singapore

We chanced upon  Oh Deli @ East Coast Road , one evening desperately looking for a way to appease our hunger after hours (maybe even days) of physical and mental exertion. Read unpacking boxes and cartons and suitcases  and more boxes and cartons and suitcases. For the unaware, we had to move into a new teeny-tiny rented apartment in April and boy was it a task!! This also explains the disappearance of urbanfoodlover from writing full-fledged blog posts, although those of you following the tweets perhaps have not really felt the absence.

So back to Oh Deli – We were hungry and thirsty. The kitchen in the new apartment was far from being setup. A cab driver had once told me “You will neither go hungry nor get lost in Singapore. ” Lost- I agree, hunger – Not always agree (that has to do with my own food restrictions I may have and not always having healthier options leading to being hungry at such times). This instance we did not end up  hungry since we discovered Oh Deli walking along the East Coast Road. It is set on the ground floor of one of the charming shop houses, opposite the bright red Peranakan Hotel, a standard landmark on East Coast Road. At first sight you may almost miss it, but I am glad we did not miss it this time.

It is a deli cafe + retailer selling gourmet food produce mainly imported from Australia. As you can read more about “Oh Deli ” here , they are a full service butchery selling great cuts of organic meat, chicken and fish as well as a gourmet food seller of fine foods like dried herbs, fine cheeses, wines, preserves, olive oils, pastas, fresh fruits and veggies. Their cafe menu includes all day breakfasts, meats & sausages from their butcher window, sandwiches and salads created onsite using quality organic fruits and veggies (mostly imported from Australia). They have quality ,fair trade, freshly brewed coffee that we have become a big fan of and been having a cup a day (almost)  for the last few days. And of course some fine wine and beer to  drink at the cafe as well as purchase to take home.

oh deli coffee

While I am a vegetarian in my food choices with occasional indulgences in chicken and some types of non-smelly white fish, I did try their chicken avocado sandwich which was fresh, soft and succulent. Definitely very good quality organic chicken. For the veggie wrap , I was given a choice of chia wrap (and I was jumping hearing this :))  or wholemeal wrap. The chia wrap I chose had a a thin slice of cheese , veggies, fresh spinach, a very delicious tickling-your-tastebuds kinda beetroot relish and then drizzled with olive oil. It was light and fresh with the wrap being so thin, that you do not feel a carb-overload.

For breakfast they serve the most tasty eggs. For the sunny side up, my husband exclaimed “This egg yolk is one of the yummiest I have ever had!” These eggs with the freshly baked sourdough bread served with raspberry jam /orange marmalade is out of this world. The jams and preserves are coming in from Phillipa’s Bakery in AUTalking of Phillipa’s , Oh Deli sells lots of stuff from them – cookies, shortbreads, jams & preserves, mustards,  granolas and the like. I did up end up buying a 350 gm pack of Cinnamon Walnut granola being sold for about S$14 while the usual price was S$24 – It was in the stock clearance pile since had to be used up by 17-May-2014. It was very much like our home granola – less sweet, less oil, chewy, nutty and flavourful except that the walnuts had started going rancid. Nonetheless we devoured it within a few helpings for breakfast and it was gone before 17-May-2014.

eggs sourdough oh deli


cinnamon walnut granola

And finally although I have not bought the fresh fruits and veggies yet, the only one I did purchase was some fine curly Kale selling for $19 a kilo. I was pleased to find kale in the vicinity of where I live – For those of you unaware, neither can I  grow kale in my small apartment nor is kale so easily available in Singapore. You really have to hunt for the speciality stores selling it and it is invariably expensive 😦

I am also happy to report that that the basil feta cheese and organic chicken breasts purchased from the deli far exceeded what we were expecting that we relished at home.

orange marmalade oh deli

In all , Oh Deli has exceeded our expectations of quality food sold here and I am so glad it is so easily accessible for us. They have some fine wines, vinegars, oils and cheeses that are far too expensive – that is something you have to be willing to pay in a country that does not have any land for agriculture and is heavily dependent on importing quality products from fair trade and sustainable food sources from around the world. That said their walk in cafe menu is pretty affordable especially when you are dining out in Singapore – One would rather pay for freshness and quality knowing where the food is coming from rather than the same price in bigger chain like restaurants. So if you are in the vicinity or are looking for some quality, gourmet food do give Oh Deli a try.

**Oh Deli East Coast

421 East Coast Road
Singapore 429008
View Map

Tel/Fax: +65 6440 4409

Café Hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 8.00am – 9.00pm
(Including public holidays, unless otherwise stated)

**I do not have too many pics of this place (sigh) since they had a sign requesting not to take pics of the deli.


5 thoughts on “Oh Deli @ East Coast Road Singapore

  1. Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.


    Hope to see more reviews from you


    1. Thanks very much 🙂 I intend to find cafes serving food sourced from sustainable sources and serving food that is fresh, healthy and easily available to everyone (read being wallet friendly). So hope more such shops open up here. And the link you provided was indeed very helpful. I will use it for my future findings 🙂


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