Greens in a bowl – Fennel Asparagus Spinach Soup

It is interesting how one can keep track of seasons and what to eat during each month of the year with the numerous food blogs showcasing the “What’s in season food produce guides“. However I feel they are a bit biased towards the countries in the northern hemisphere or maybe I just read too many blogs and websites that originate there. Last few months I have been pouring over endless summer inspirations including  ice-creams, summer berries and barbecues and now I see folks preparing for Autumn – Hello apples, root vegetables, cranberries and ciders. In Singapore there is no season. It has a hot and humid tropical weather with occasional thunder storms. I do feel sad when I think I am unable to explore the changes in season here 😦

Hence I had not intended to write about this hot soup but we made it once and then once more and after the third time round I decided to share it with you all reading this. The vibrant green colour will remind you of Spring greens (say yes to asparagus, spring onions)while the warmth of the soup will prepare you for colder days to come. This soup originates from the very talented Green Kitchen Stories blog. In case you haven’t heard of this inspirational couple who write all their veggie adventures, you really should head over right now. They are the beautiful Scandinavian family we all love with a lot of talent sharing their wonderful recipes, books and drool worthy food photography.

I had read about this soup on their blog a while back and forgotten all about it. Until few weeks ago, when Salad Stop Singapore (a very popular, organic, supporting-the-sustainable-movement) lunch time place in Singapore shared it on their Instagram feed. That I had all the ingredients on hand the first time round was helpful to make this soup quick once I got home from work. Besides I am a big fan of Salad Stop. They really know how to create fresh, healthy and wholesome meals. It is wonderful to have such establishments in Singapore and hope more folks support them.

fennel asparagus spinach soup-1

For now please do bookmark this soup:
– For a cold night or day
– A quick & easy soup dinner packed with nutrition
– You are trying to eat clean with more vegetables or
– You just want to have more liquids in your diet

The recipe is over at the GKS blog link here. I did not make their lentil toppings and cashew cream but instead toasted walnuts and asparagus stem ends spiked with a combination of crushed spices like black pepper and cloves. I also like to crumble fresh feta or goat cheese over this soup with pumpkin seeds. Chopped green herbs of your liking with  garlic and olive oil will also be a good idea.

fennel asparagus spinach soup-2


fennel asparagus spinach soup-3


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